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Now you can order lenses from your doctor from any device, anytime.

Discover new ways to order

Order online

Easily reorder your contact lenses
anytime, anywhere. Your prescription
is already preverified by your doctor.

  • 1 Find your doctor
  • 2 Confirm your order details
  • 3 Get contacts delivered

Order by text

Want to do a quick reorder?
Simply text “order” to (323) ORDERCL
to see your saved order and buy

Monthly subscription plan

Prefer to pay less upfront? Join a subscription plan for affordable monthly payments and never worry about running out of contacts again. Your contacts are automatically shipped to your door.

A smarter way to shop for contacts

  • Easy reorders

    Easily reorder your contact lenses anytime, anywhere via text message, email or online. #ordercl

  • Trusted vision care

    Get the convenience of
    online shopping from your
    local eye doctor, delivered
    straight to you.

  • Making a difference

    We make a donation towards
    an eye exam for a person in
    need with every order.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does LensFerry work?
LensFerry integrates with your doctors' health records which means your contact lens prescription is already on file. Ordering contacts through LensFerry is as simple as logging in, selecting the quantity you want to purchase, and checking out. Contact lenses will arrive on your doorstep!
How can I buy lenses?
Text the word "Order" to 323-OrderCL or search for your doctor's page above.
How does the "Monthly Subscription" work?
Like any other subscription service, your card is charged monthly and lenses ship to you on a regular cycle. You can cancel anytime and there is no commitment.
Will I receive a reminder when I’m about to run out of contacts?
You'll receive an email and text when you are about to run out. Simply click the order button or reply "yes" to the text. Follow the prompts and the lenses will be on their way!